For Men & Women
We offer a wide range of waxing services to men and women, from quick and easy eyebrow touch-ups to full body hair removal. Trust in our experienced staff to provide you with the very best service, whether you have had waxing done before or this will be you first time.
Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for weeks. Waxing along with exfoliating can help reduce ingrown hairs and eliminate razor bumps. When you wax, your hair grows back less dense; leaving your hair finer and softer. A common misconception is that your hair grows back thicker – this is absolutely not true.
Our spa is designed with your comfort and discretion in mind. With sanity of the utmost importance, our technicians wear gloves during the entire service. The tools and equipment used are fully sanitized or disposable. There is no double-dipping during a service – once a waxing stick is dipped into sterile wax it is used to apply the wax on the client and then discarded.
Before Your Appointment
The hair in the area to be waxed needs to be approximately ¼” in length. This is 2-3 weeks of growth or you may need to trim. If the hair is too long there is normally more pain involved and if the hair is too short the wax does not have enough hair to grab onto.
  • You should not wax when you are on your menstrual cycle.
  • We cannot wax you until six months after you have stopped use of Accutane.  If you are having any facial areas waxed, please stop all alpha-hydroxy acids, prescription Retina-A or retinols at least one week prior to waxing
  • If you are sensitive to waxing or think you might be, we recommend taking an Ibuprofen approximately one hour before your appointment. You may also want to try Relax & Wax No- Scream Cream (under $20 for the tube – and this will last you through several waxings!). Apply the product 30-45 minutes before your waxing appointment and experience a virtually pain free session. We sell this product in our office so stop in before your appointment and pick some up.
After Your Appointment
Your best bet for maintaining smooth skin and avoiding ingrown hairs is to exfoliate. We recommend Tend Skin (approx. $40 for the large 8oz. bottle), a topical liquid solution which contains Acetylsalicylic acid to remove dead skin cells and alcohol to prevent the growth of bacteria in the follicle. You can purchase this product after your service from our spa. Apply to clean, dry skin in the morning and evenings.
*** Certified Waxing Specialists ***

Eyebrow design $15 Eyebrow maintenance $13 Lip $13 Chin $13 Arms (full) $45 Arms (half) $25 Face (full) $50 Face (sides) $26 Chest (full) $76 Legs (full) $90 Legs (half) $48 Back $55 Stomach $30 Underarms $26 Bikini $55 Brazilian (maintenance, every 4-6 weeks) $75 Brazilian with Prep $85 Brazilian (new) $95