The Rejuvenating Benefits of Regular Facials

woman receiving honey facial massage

Every day, you literally face the world, and the skin on your face gets a workout as a result from exposure to the weather, pollution, the sun, and the drying effects of the environment. Over time, all these elements start to take their toll. Fortunately, you can help your skin fight the elements with the right skincare routine, and regular facials are an important part of your strategy.

In addition to a regular daily routine of cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing, a regular monthly facial has important benefits. Your skin rejuvenates itself every 28 days, so a monthly facial schedule is ideal. Professional facials remove even more microscopic dirt, dead skin cells and pollutants than your daily routine, similar to how regular dental cleanings remove excess buildup on your teeth. The deep cleansing techniques in facials clear out your pores and allow skincare products to penetrate deeper and increase their effectiveness.

Your whole body can benefit from a relaxing facial massage. It’s a great way to de-stress, escape from your day-to-day worries, and relax. The health benefits of relaxation are proven and effective. Facial massage can also stimulate collagen production and reduce the signs of premature aging.

Facials stimulate circulation, which helps your skin cells rejuvenate and helps flush out toxins. They help even out your skin tone and calm and smooth sensitive skin conditions. Some results are visible immediately, allowing you to leave the salon with a brighter, rejuvenated appearance.

Finally, monthly facials allow your professional esthetician to regularly assess your skin and take proactive steps to address any issues. Facials can be customized to address your individual skincare needs, so your esthetician can adjust them to keep up with changes in your skin.

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