Massage Techniques for a Happy, Healthy You

We all get busy in our lives. Sometimes we are so busy taking care of other responsibilities that we forget to take care of ourselves! Take some time to do that today. Maybe you have been experiencing some discomfort. Maybe you need a little extra care to help you prepare for a sporting activity. Or maybe you just need some time to relax. In any case, massage can help!

If you’re looking for a relaxing experience, or if you have minor aches and pains, try Swedish Massage. The techniques used stimulate a relaxation response and encourage blood and oxygen flow to your muscles and skin, allowing them to repair themselves.

A similar technique is called Deep Tissue Massage. In this technique, your therapist may use fingers or elbows to achieve deep pressure. This type of pressure helps flush out toxins and helps break up old scar tissue. Sports Massage is like Deep Tissue Massage but is specifically designed to help prepare or repair muscles for extreme use, such as before or after a marathon.

Reflexology is a technique that allows your therapist to use your feet and hands to access the rest of your body through nerve pathways. Your therapist uses different zones to target different parts of the body and address problem areas.

If you are pregnant and experiencing some discomfort, Pregnancy Massage is designed specifically for you. Your therapist will use specific techniques to help alleviate lower back, shoulder, and neck discomfort that is often experienced during pregnancy.

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