Get More With Mud at Skin Deep


Children are often fascinated with mud. It does seem a bit like magic that dry, powdery earth could transform into a completely new substance with just the addition of some water. And remember all of the things you could do with it – from writing and painting with it to building structures that dried strong in the sun. The best part is that mud loses none of its magic when we grow up and discover that it’s a fantastic agent for skin care, too.

Ancient cultures from China to Egypt knew that mud’s inherent qualities make it an excellent choice for skin care. Even today we find a number of spas dedicated to the healing qualities of mud on nearly every continent, usually in places where volcanic activity and hot springs are found. And today we have access to mud treatments no matter where we live.

The benefits of mud therapy for your skin fall into five basic categories. Because of its absorption properties, mud is actually a wonderful cleaning product. As it dries on the skin, it pulls dirt and oils along with it. This goes hand in hand with its skin tightening properties, too. And this process also helps in the exfoliation of dead skin cells. The result is cleaner, tighter, brighter skin.

The mineral nutrients found in mud can help your skin naturally maintain its healthy glow without the addition of chemicals. And the combination of mud’s absorbing properties along with its nutrient content may help to detoxify skin that’s been exposed to pollutants of all kinds by pulling out the bad and leaving behind the good. It’s a natural way to promote healthy skin.

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